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Menduiña Beach Road
Slope Sartaxéns, 51
36946 Cangas de Morrazo
Pontevedra - España
and from
15th june
to 15th september




Aviso Legal

ALDAN is one of the five parish of Cangas de Morrazo. It is a small seagoing village with its fishing port and seafront. The most are its small beaches with thin sand , distingishing Areacova, Francón and Menduiña with clear waters because of being in a closed sea loch and not in open sea, its temperature is warmer.
The village is protected by the mountains and watered by the river Orxas which is passing through each watermill, "laundries" and down the Roman bridge until the river mouthin San Cibrán beach. In the "Bosque Encantado" the river pass away noiseless when years ago it was the leisure place where there is an aqueduct, an unfinished castle, and a criquet field. Aldán retains visible what in Middle Ages it was a territory controlled by the aristocracy. Where a manor next to the San Cipriano Church in a walled territory. Out of this another manor Vistalegre. There are Celtic and Swabian archeologial remains.

HIO is the village with bigger beaches because of the Atlantic Ocean like Barra(nude beach), Nerga or Areabrava. And with landscapes with cliffs like Cabo Home, perfect for walking along and where you can almost touch Cies Islands, there it is Melide beach. You can walk up Monte Facho by a Roman road and there are archaeological excavations where they prayed Berobreo god. Hio is famous for Cruceiro which is placed near a church and from there you can look up the views of Ría de Aldán.

CANGAS city center where you can see old houseand the church Excolegiata. ( more information in ww.cangas.org )
The ships to Vigo and to Cies Islas go out from the maritime station. Two firms:
www.mardeons.com and www.piratasdenabia.com

CANGAS DEL MORRAZO, the most is its 38 beaches.
More information in http://www.cangas.org/praias_cangas_gal.php

BUEU is the nearest village, 3 kilometres far away it is Cabo Udra, where you can walk and see the ONS ISLANDS. If you want to visit them you have to take a ship in Bueu center. Near you can visit the market and the Massó museum. There are several manors in this council and routes of hiking, principallly the Watermills one. More information in www.concellodebueu.org

Other near important places:


MOAÑA- 15 km.
MARÍN- 20 km.
VIGO- 25 km.